Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Asylum Monologues

Ok this is a vanity thing, but it's also something I feel strongly about. The asylum process in this country is fucked and I have got involved in a group called Actors for Refugees. We've been operating for a couple of years in this country now, and the coordinator is an absolute powerhouse of a woman called Christine Bacon, who originally set it up with great success in Australia.

One of the things I should mention is that the company is woefully short of men. Actresses seem to more frequently give a shit about "things" whereas actors tend to veer more towards "beer" or "football". which count as "things" but are perhaps less pressing. But then I know loads of guys who do give a shit about "things" so if you do check out the website for Asylum Monologues. For those of you who know Sarah Masters, it's an offshoot of Ice and Fire, her company. For those of you who know me, there's a brief clip of me doing it on the video at that link - it starts around 1:55 and goes on for no more than 30 seconds. Enjoy. X

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