Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Does your boss undervalue the work you do? Are you overworked? Do you not get enough time to see your family?

FEAR NOT. Soon there will be a new video that will help you understand better how to file a GRIEVANCE.

Bosses! If you need to know how to go through the grievance process, follow the hi-jinks of Jed and David and Natalie and their unnamed wives and partners as they file grievances and have loving conversations in kitchens.

Coming soon at Aspina. Starring Alex Barclay as David.

David has a family! His daughter Sienna is growing up by the day!! His son Ben has taken to building cardboard tanks that he never gets to play with. Laugh, cry, and shit-yourself with him as he talks to his boss Jed.

Also starring the incredible Kevin B as "grumpy extra". I used to have a link to his website and his full name, but after a man I namechecked in an earlier post left a string of remarkable comments, I felt it was kinder to avoid using his full name.

Kevin played the lead in Poliakoff's "Remember This" at the National, although the website cruelly fails to credit his work. He trained at RADA, although his CV does not state this. He occasionally does extra work in corporate videos where he looks like thunder for ages. When asked in a friendly manner - "did you know what you'd signed up for," he will respond "I should think so - I went to Bristol Old Vic and RADA."

Ok this man is a warning to actors. He probably does have credentials BUT... I really don't give a toss how desperate you are - unplug drains, clean up shit with your tongue, be someone's gimp. Don't do extra work. It WILL kill you inside. If you're not an actor, GO FOR YOUR LIFE! The money is great if you don't have self-worth wrapped up in the work.

Bless him. Give him a part.

I had fun on that job, although I stayed two nights in some hideously awful faceless golf motel in Suffolk, and was already feeling like Alan Partridge by the time I left.

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Al said...

As an addendum to this, years have passed and I was never sent a free copy. I have sent multiple emails, and called multiple times. Shame on them. I am considering jumping in the car and driving down with my laptoip so I can get them to put it on my laptop while I watch. Why they won't give me a copy baffles me.