Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Spirits have caught on

Yesterday as I sat in front of my computer in my pants at 4.00 in the afternoon, I downloaded a program called Konfabulator. It is very very cool. I got it because it has a widget that automatically finds pictures for the music you are playing in itunes. It has many other widgets and one of them is a very shoddy Japanese Tarot reader. So I downloaded it. I like tarot - I have a few decks and if I get stoned I might offer to read your tarot from time to time - usually with reference to a book for the minor arcana some of which still baffle me.

So the Japanese tarot spirits gave me The Sun, Reversed. This means "To having no stamina leads in laziness make". Well that about sums it up. So I asked the magic eight ball widget if I should go to the gym. It said Yes. Then about three minutes later I got a call from my gym saying I could come in on Friday and have a free session with a personal trainer. No more widgets for me then. I'm going to be an adonis. After all I'm single again!! Let's get jiggy.

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