Friday, October 22, 2010

The work. Very brief.

It doesn't take long for culture shock to subside. Pretty much simultaneously with my jetlag, I just feel totally comfortable in this town. Which is an advantage as my 5 star living is coming to an end and it'll be a bit more scraggy from then. The one thing that really is amazing here is the food - everywhere makes good food, although I haven't tried the street food yet as I don't want to risk having to run off and chunder every five seconds while on set.

I've been lucky to work with people that really know this industry. In terms of movies I am still a baby, despite my first job being one. A bit too much of a gap in between, which I won't blame on my old agent... The crew and the two actors I have been working with are so professional and self contained and just get on with the job. Experience plays a key part, of course. But I can tell that this is going to be a great piece and I am so stoked to be involved with it. It is being made for love by experts. In a short time I have come to understand a great deal more about the craft of being an actor in film. I hope and trust that I have made the best I can of the work I have done for them so far, and look forward hugely to seeing the finished product when it emerges.

In my spare time I have managed to get my holiday hat on, so not feeling as isolated as I was earlier in the week. I am supposed to be booking a flight somewhere for when I finish. So I'd better get on with it.

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