Friday, July 20, 2007

Lima time

It is pitch black and outside the window there is the sound of desperate hammering and sawing. The Peruvian workers are building a scaffold block for the party tomorrow. They have ensured Beatriz that they will hammer very very quietly throughout the night. Like little hammering mices.

I just got out of a taxi. The taxi driver drove 20 minutes in the wrong direction before stopping a policeman by driving in front of him and asking for directions. He then called his girlfriend to confirm we were going the right way, before gleefully announcing that he was infertile.

This morning a taxi driver reversed 400 yards in a race with another taxi driver who was also reversing. He then almost killed Jack and I twice in his excitement to try out his english. Of particular concern for him was whether or not english girls would like him, because english girls are nice. I told him that I´m sure there might be some english girls who liked him. This pleased him, and he was curious to know if they would give him a blow job. Or perhaps a fucky? I told him it would depend on the girl, but that he might need to work on his small talk. This was enough for him, and he retreated into happy dreams of english girls, to the exclusion of all else including traffic.

Somehow I made it in one piece.

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