Saturday, July 21, 2007

Party Time...

Despite Harry Potter having come out in Peru this evening - and all the Peruvian bookstores being loaded with English copies - I am suited and booted and about to head off to a party. I´m staying in a lovely flat owned by a spinster friend of Beatriz who is just the sweetest person. She gave me her bed! I had to make up for it by buying her a 20 dollar bunch of flowers. For 20 bucks you get a hell of a bunch of flowers. She then rather perplexingly asked me if I could see her Herpes and then her scotty dog attacked me.

The changing of the guards was a sight in the Plaza Major - lots of soldiers but more interesting were the policeman who were guarding the guards. They all had high calibre rifles which they were clapping against their hands in time with the music and not really paying attention where they were pointing. Apart from one of them who was sending a text to his mum. This country is universally hilarious and terrifying.

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