Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shanty shanty shanty

I went for a walk in the Amazon yesterday. There is a floating shanty market but this being the dry season it isn´t floating. All the traders sit at their unfloating stalls and you walk along the ground where the Amazon was. And since the traders are used to it being wet they just hurl all their organic waste into the river that isn´t there. And it festers in the sweltering heat for months. Needless to say, the place is crawling with nasty black headed vultures behaving like pigeons. Until yesterday I had never seen a vulture close up. Now I´ve seen hundreds. Nasty little things. And yet I was so excited to see two condors in the mountains. Odd. I hate seagulls, but would be excited to see an albatross. Why is big allowed to be better?

I have a proof of the counter-argument. In the form of Nathan Chew. Nathan "God in human form" Chew. This morning I rolled out of bed, and was in the process of deciding which cheek to scratch when I got a text message from him with all my credit card details. I leapt from my room and rushed to the Amazon lodge and paid them in full and got my money and passport back. Now I have enough cash to buy water in the lodge, and beer. And do an Ayahuasca ceremony... If I dare. I understand it involves a lot of vomiting.

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Anonymous said...

Let your children run wild & free Alexander.... I will take care of your plastic.